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When you sign up for our affordable service agreement, you'll get reliable support as well as the advantage of our TankSure program, which enables us to evaluate the safety and integrity of your oil tank. We will use ultrasonic testing to assess the thickness and strength of your tank, and TankSure, which is EPA approved to detect corrosion, can even help you qualify for potential discounts on your homeowner's insurance.

Make sure your tank is ready to last.

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Oil tanks corrode from the inside, so you may have an issue and not even know it. Qualifying tanks can receive a $1,000 tank replacement payment, so let us inspect the walls of your tank before a leak occurs.

Finding the harmful corrosion you can't see.

Our TankSure program is a great way to protect your home. After all, your house is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make, so proactive testing and replacement are very important. TankSure is not only helpful for your home. It is also great for the environment because it prevents oil from leaking out of your tank and into nearby streams and fields.

Protect your tanks and your home with TankSure testing


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