Budget Plan

Fuel prices may go up or down. Winter temperatures can set records, and there’s really no way to predict what weather each year may bring. That’s why we’ve developed a 10 month plan that will make things easy for you, our Budget Plan starts in September and the last payment of the season is in June. Budgets are based on an annual oil use with a price per gallon estimate, and then divided into 10 equal installments. Our Budget Plan allows you to spread your heating over a longer period of time giving you smaller predictable payments.

Budget Graph

Oil Delivery

Automatic Delivery:

When you sign up for automatic delivery, we monitor your account, based upon your previous history and elapsed degree days.  You, as the customer do not have to worry about monitoring your system’s inventory level. 

Will Call Delivery:

Will Call is best for customers who prefer to monitor their own oil usage.

Money Tree

We accept cash, checks and credit cards as payment. Master Card, Visa, and Discover.

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